25.12.2023 - 02.03.2024
Open Data Armenia Contest
Armenia's first open data-based project contest starts on December 25, 2023.

Promoting the concept of "open data" (Open Data) contributes to the wide dissemination, free access, and use of data of high public value. Open Data is commonly used across various fields, such as science, public administration, business, education, and civil society. They promote transparency, innovation, and technology.

This contest pays special attention to the open cultural data in strengthening cultural identity, education, and society's development. Armenia has a rich cultural heritage and a variety of data that can become the basis for creating unique technological and educational projects.

We invite authors of projects based on a variety of data sources, including open government resources, data on the history, culture, and art of Armenia, data on the economy, and other spheres.

The contest may be of interest for developers, data researchers and analysts, digital humanities specialists, data journalists, and other engaged specialists and students.

We hope this contest will encourage the formation of a community of developers and researchers, thereby increasing the value of open data in Armenia.
If you are interested in a new contest category, email us at opendata@opendata.am and we will consider your suggestion.
total prize fund of the contest
December 25
December 25
Launch of the contest and commencement of accepting applications from participants
February 18
February 18
Close of receipt of applications
February 19-25
February 19-25
Jury evaluation of the participants' projects
March 2
March 2
Awarding ceremony within the scope of the Open Data Day in Armenia*, part of the International Open Data Day initiative

* The Open Data Day event will be for the first time in Armenia.

International Open Data Day is an initiative organized by the Open Knowledge International Foundation with the support of various intergovernmental and international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Events are organized all over the world opendataday.org
We are preparing a series of workshops, stories, and lectures to help the contest participants, as well as starting preparations for the Open Data Day in Yerevan on March 2. Please take the survey in our Telegram channel, and distribute it as far as possible.
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Rules of participation
  1. The contest is open to participants both as individuals and in teams of up to five people.
  2. The contest is open to students and specialists from different countries who are interested in the culture and history of Armenia and the Armenian people.
  3. Participants are free to use any sources of open data, primarily related to the culture and history of Armenia and the Armenian people.
  4. All submitted materials must be published open source and distributed under a free license (Creative Commons, MIT, Apache 2, and others). Usefull links: https://opendefinition.org/guide/ and https://opensource.org/licenses/
  5. Participants should submit a brief report describing their product, methodology, and data sources used.
  6. All contributions should be submitted in English (a description in Armenian, Russian or another language is optional).

Media Partners
Open Data Development Center Public Organization https://opendata.am
What we do?
- Create a sustainable ecosystem of publishing and working with open data in the Republic of Armenia.
- Attract talented youth and IT specialists to create new tech products aimed at improving life quality in the Republic of Armenia.
- Promote the culture of openness (open source code and open data), data analytics, as well as data engineering in the Republic of Armenia.
- Advance Armenian language and culture all over the world utilizing open data and open source code.
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